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9 Relationship Issues You Simply Cant Fix

Whether it is infidelity, lack of intimacy, or the blatant disregard for the relationship, there are some relationship problems that are simply unfixable. Here are 9 of them: Power imbalance – Your partner controls your behavior, your appearance, and your social life. They dictate your weekends and whom you hang out with, and they often manipulate you into doing what they want. These relationships have a very high risk of failure, because they are too stressed to work out problems.

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Infidelity – There are many causes for infidelity. The biggest one is when one partner is involved with someone else. Whether that’s a romantic affair, a job, or other family members or kids, this can cause the relationship to falter and drift apart. In these cases, the partner may feel that he or she is putting the relationship at risk and may not give it the time and attention it needs.

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Infidelity – If you want to save your relationship, you need to work through the problems that are causing it. Usually, there are several factors at play. Whether it’s a lack of communication, a lack of connection, or an inability to agree on important issues, the situation isn’t always solvable. If it’s a case of blame-avoidance, then it’s best to learn about common relationship problems so that you can prepare yourself to deal with them.

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