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Are Chris Brown and Young Thug Working Together Again?

Are Chris Brown and Young Thug working together again? The two have collaborated on several occasions before but this is the first album they have released together. They have worked on “High End” in 2017 and have previously released music together. Young Thug has also been linked to Drake and he has hinted that the two may team up again. However, they have not yet revealed any details about the project. It remains to be seen whether the two will actually get to collaborate on a track together.

This new project was launched earlier this year. The two artists have been dropping inventive videos in recent months, and their latest was no exception. The sci-fi video for “Say You Love Me” was a welcome change from the gloomy ‘City Girls’ video. The music video was directed by John McEntire, who is known for his artistic vision. The hypnotic music video has already become a top contender for a Grammy.

The video starred the two rappers at a lavish house party where they flit from one place to another. As the party attendees put on a lavish display, the two artists perform elaborate dance choreographies. They even threw a pool party! Gunna, Justin, and King Combs were also featured in the video. As the clip aired, it generated a dance challenge and spawned a new song, “B,” featuring Chris and Thug.

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