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How Do Fashion Companies Design Clothes?

A successful clothing design collaboration requires constant communication and participation on both sides. The overall quality and longevity of the line depend on this relationship. This article will explore the process of collaboration during three key stages. When designers and manufacturers first communicate, they must have clear expectations. Once a design is approved, the manufacturing process begins. Normally, a sample costs more than the unit cost of the finished product. However, if the client is satisfied with the initial design, the collaboration continues.

Most clothing companies produce ready-to-wear collections. These clothes are made in limited quantities and sold to the public in bulk. This ensures exclusivity, but increases the cost. Fashion houses normally present their ready-to-wear collections during Fashion Week, a citywide event that features several collections. The main seasons featured are spring/summer, fall/winter, resort, swim, bridal, and resort. These collections are often a combination of high-end designer clothing and mass-market pieces.

Fashion designers start the process by drawing their designs on a human body. This can be intimidating, so many designers use a croquis, a template that allows them to draw on a human body. A croquis helps designers make accurate sketches of the garments they design. The final product is often finished with decorative elements and fasteners, as well as brand-name labels and other labels. These labels may also indicate the fabric’s fibre content or the country of origin.

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