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Living in Sao Paulo

Despite its many attractions, there are many drawbacks of living in Sao Paulo. The city has a bad transportation system and traffic is usually heavy during rush hours. The city also lacks a variety of subway lines, so people often travel by bus or car. Because of this, people often live far from their jobs to save on rent. While it’s possible to live in the city and commute by bus or car, most people spend more than two hours commuting to work each day.

Brazilians are preoccupied with class distinctions. They quickly judge social distance based on appearance and “correctness” of speech. Their vocabulary and grammar are also a measure of how well-educated they are. They also use these characteristics to set patterns of authority and deference. If someone ignores them, they might be asked, “Do you know who they are talking to?”

While the city’s garbage situation has improved over the last few years, it’s still a problem in smaller areas. Paulistanos are not likely to adopt the habit of not picking up their own garbage, but they may push it to the side of their neighbors. Moreover, there are plenty of expats who are not accustomed to receiving a high standard of customer service.

Among the many attractions in Sao Paulo, it is the city’s nightlife. A large number of people flock to the city during the day to enjoy the many restaurants, clubs and nightlife. Many of them are artists themselves, so you’ll never have trouble finding something that interests you. Regardless of your age, Sao Paulo has something for everyone. You’re sure to find something to do every day.

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