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Mistakes To Avoid When Making Third-Party Two-Wheeler Insurance Claims

Two-Wheeler Insurance Claim Procedure

The steps to getting a claim filed for a claim for two-wheeler insurance typically are as follows:*

  • As soon as an accident occurs, you should call the police and assist with filing an FIR. When filing a third-party bike insurance claim, the FIR is a required document that must be provided. You should never skip this step.
  • Additionally, you should immediately notify your insurance provider of the accident. The reporting of accidents must be done within 48 hours of the event, according to many insurers.
  • Try to take pictures of the damage, the victim’s wounds, and any other parties involved at the accident scene. When you need to check for details later, a photographic proof will be helpful. Additionally, try to write down the names and phone numbers of the third party and the witnesses. Additionally, gather all relevant data regarding the third party’s insurance policy.
  • Always provide your insurer with accurate information. Never attempt to fabricate data to support a claim. If you don’t tell the truth about the incident, your claim could be denied, and your policy could be voided.
  • You should file a claim with the motor vehicle accident tribunal court with jurisdiction over the accident scene. The tribunal court with jurisdiction over the defendant’s or your residence may also be where you file the case. It should be noted that civil courts do not decide third-party two-wheeler insurance
  • Always record your discussions with your insurer about the claim. In the future, this will prove to be very beneficial.
  • Keep a file with all the pertinent bills, receipts, and other papers related to the claim.

The Most Common Mistakes To Avoid

When submitting a claim for third-party two-wheeler insurance, there are some errors that you must avoid. These are described below:

  • You shouldn’t flee the scene of the accident. While an inspector inspects the vehicles, they should all remain in their current condition. You should also set up medical assistance if someone is hurt.
  • You must make sure to call the police and file an FIR. The validity of your claim could be in danger if you don’t comply. Additionally, avoid entering into agreements with the third party without the assistance of the police, as doing so would lead to unintended consequences.
  • Refrain from being submissive and take ownership of the accident. Avoid becoming overly stressed, angry, or violent.
  • It is not advisable to ride a two-wheeler after consuming alcohol or other intoxicants. Additionally, avoid driving illegally and leasing your vehicle for business use. These elements might work against you if you must defend a claim.
  • Make sure you have provided all accurate information thoroughly when filing a claim.
  • Before getting legal counsel, you should wait to sign any releases to the insurer. However, if the insurer’s estimates are reliable, you can accept their offer.

Insurance companies only encounter a small number of cases requesting third-party compensation, despite it being technically possible. As previously stated, the complicated processes involved in filing the claim and its settlement are primarily to blame.

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